Saturday, April 18, 2009

Energy Saving Strategies

Electronic devices account for about 15% of an average household's annual energy bill. That equals about $352.50 for powering everything from a television to a cellphone charger, considering that an average family is expected to spend some $2,350 for electricity and natural gas in a year. Here are some ways to decrease energy consumption of your paperless devices.

Use power strips
A great energy saving strategy is to plug all of your paperless electronic devices into one power strip that you can switch off when leaving the house or going to bed.

Smart-home upgrades
You can make it easy to switch it off devices without being at home. Special outlets, switches and sensors communicate wirelessly with your home computer or smartphone. With home management software, it is possible to access and control any connected device, from the computer to the stereo, and plugged-in appliance.

Reconfigure device settings
Browse the product manuals of your paperless gadgets to find their energy-saving settings. Most laptop computers, for example, offer several ways to conserve energy.

Get the energy-efficient models
Energy Star labels aren't just for dishwashers and air conditioners, but also for a variety of paperless devices. These devices consume less power, both when in use and on standby.

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